The ConVento Group was a catalyst for me to look at branching out into research using the 36-inch Aggas Telescope. With their assistance, a classical spectrograph design emerged matched to the optical configuration of the 36"f4.5 telescope. The design had their requisites for the WR134 and WR135 campaign of 2013 in mind and construction is underway. While a diffraction grating is the heart of a spectrograph, the CCD camera is the center of data collection. With the purchase of various other devices to attach to that camera, it will allow several areas of research to be planned and eventually executed. Located at the edge of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest with nearly pristine skies, and the light gathering ability of the 36" telescope, this will enable me to reach objects far beyond that of most others except nationally funded observatories.

The equipment required to do spectroscopy is basically; a telescope, CCD camera, a spectrograph, plus some software. My telescope is on an Altitude/Azimuth base mount and would normally require a focuser de-rotator to do most any other project but the remote focusing will actually be designed into the spectrograph since the CCD camera could be 15 feet in the air. The telescope's focuser will not be used for focusing but only be one of five attachment points since the spectrograph is expected to weigh 20 pounds. With the target star centered, as seen by the reflective slit which diverts light to the autoguider, the field rotation should be a moot point and focusing would be done internally within the spectrograph by moving certain optical components. The Spectroscopy program requires a CCD camera, like the STF-8300 camera, and requires an autoguider. The classical spectrograph is a project I'm building and will have an R-value of ~7650.


The ConVento Group, for further detail on WR134 and WR135.

Collect data on the Helium II 5411A line in WR134 and the Carbon III 5696A line in WR135.

Custom Spectrograph, Classic Design.

Classic Design.jpg





Argon and Neon calibration lamps are now computer controlled.

Calibration Lamps.jpg


The envisioned Spectrograph GUI.