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The Observatory is open on select nights only.

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* Night Sky Observing Program.

Apache-Sitgreaves Observatory using a 36-inch telescope, provides stunning detail of planets, nebulae, and galaxies. This is fun for all ages..., is open to the public on select nights of the year..., an awesome experience!!! * Couple's Night - Night Sky Photography Workshop.

A romantic night under the stars learning about cameras, astronomy, and, each other. Everything is provided for you; Camera, Wide-Field Lens, Tripod, World-Class Dark Skies, and, advice to take your very own beautiful star-filled images. Learn the constellations, how to photograph the Milky Way, capture star trails, long exposures, and light painting, just a fun astronomy night.  Note; no telescopes are used in this workshop. * Daytime Solar Observing Program (using both eyes and ears!)

See the Sun's surface safely, view the Solar Spectrum, and, hear the Sun on our decametric radio telescope. * Citizen Scientist Activity; Meteor Shower Viewing and Analysis.

Come for the fun of it or join in on the science of documenting the meteors you have seen. Throughout the year there are spectacular displays of 'Shooting Stars'; known as Meteors, streaking across the sky. On select nights we set up for a late-night meteor viewing adventure, clear or cloudy. It is fun just to discuss astronomy, the constellations, Earth's orbit and how it intersects with debris left by comets which burn up in our atmosphere. If you do want to participate in the Citizen Scientist activity, all materials will be provided. If you just want a fun experience we have that too!

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Apache-Sitgreaves Observatory

Products that keep you in tune with the Universe throughout the night.

Apache-Sitgreaves Research Center, Inc. is an independent astronomy research institution operating the Apache-Sitgreaves Observatory located in Overgaard, Arizona.

The Apache-Sitgreaves Observatory in Overgaard, AZ borders the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and with a Meter-Class telescope (36-inch, 0.914 meters diameter) at our World-Class observing site (skies measured to be darker than Lowell, Kitt Peak or Mt. Lemmon) we offer some of the best astronomy viewing. If using the Southwest's LARGEST dedicated public telescope - 36-inch telescope aperture - wasn't enough, there is an 8-inch diameter Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope bolted to the side of the 36-inch telescope and a 60mm refractor too! Astronomy is fun for all ages...an awesome experience here at The Observatory!

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More info;

Apache-Sitgreaves Observatory has the largest public viewing telescope in Arizona.

From Phoenix your drive time will be a little over two hours to visit us in Overgaard.

We are at nearly 7000 feet elevation so having a warm coat is advisable as night time temperatures can be considerable cooler than at lower elevations.

Night programs start in early evening and accommodate varying size groups of people. We can accommodate larger groups for special purposes, or, your smaller group for your personal family fun (call for more information).

The program start times vary throughout the year, at 7pm, 8pm or 9pm depending on the program.

With low levels of illumination, step-ladders, and a duration of 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the program, these programs are not suitable for young children and may not be for those with mobility issues. This program requires moderate physical agility and ability to ascend/descend 3 - 5 steps on a step ladder. The Apache-Sitgreaves Observatory area is NOT wheelchair accessible.

Trained service dogs are permitted, but otherwise no pets are allowed at Apache-Sitgreaves Observatory.

We also offer items dedicated to improving Your Personal Observing Experience.

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